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European Psychosomatic initiatives
  A European Research Agenda for Somatic Symptom Disorders,
                          Bodily Distress Disorders, and Functional Disorders        
National Psychosomatic Societies
  2018: Psychosomatic Medicine in Germany:
                                    history, aims and present structure (Report)          
  2017: The American Psychosomatic Society: integrating
                mind, brain, body and social context since 1942 (Report)         
  2017: Psychosomatic Medicine in Japan (Report)                                  
  2012: Rymanszewska (JPR) CL training in Eastern Europe (Report)       
  2012: Lobo Teaching of CL Psychiatry (JPR Report)                               
  2011: Angelino Training in Psychosom Medicine in US (JPR Report)    
  2008: Natsov CL and Psychosomatic in Bulgaria (JPR Report)              
  2008: Guthry UK CL Training (JPR Report)                                              
  2007: Söllner Creed CL Training (EACLPP JPR Report)                           
  2007: Consoli - CL in France (JPR Report)                                                 
  2006: Wahlström - CL in Sweden (JPR Report)                                       
  2006: Hiltunen - General Hospital Training in Finland (JPR Report)      
  2006: Ekeberg - CL Norway (JPR Report)                                                 
  2005: Tuijl - CL in NL (JPR Report)                                                             
  2005: Lozano - Psychosomatic Psychiatry in Spain (JPR Report)           
Previous Psychosomatic Meetings
  2016: 4th Annual EAPM Meeting, Lulea (Report)                                   
  2012: The Asian College of Psychosomatic Medicine (Report)               
  2010: Austrian EACLPP-ECPR Meeting, Innsbruck (Report)                   
  2009: Psychosomatic Medicine and C-LP in Hungary (Report)              
  2008: 11th Meeting of the EACLPP, Zaragoza (Report)                          

Upcoming events

Past events 


ICPM [25th WCPM]: Florence, 2019, September 11-13
APS [77th Annual Scientific Meeting of the APS]:
     Vancouver, 2019, March 06-09

Past events

Upcoming events 


ICPM [2ng Workgroup on Psychosomatic Research and Practice]:
 Paris, 2018, September 202-21
EAPM [6th European Association Of Psychosomatic Medicine] Annual Meeting:
 Verona, 2018, June 27-30
23th Annual Meeting of the Polish Society of Psychosomatic Medicine:
Gdansk 2018 May, 12
EUPHA [10th European Public Health Association Conference]:
     Stockholm, 2017 November 1-4
ICPM [24th WCPM]: Beijing 2017, September 13-17
EAPM [5th European Association Of Psychosomatic Medicine] Annual Meeting:
 Barcelona, 2017, June 28-July 1
DKPM A Kongress: Berlin, 2017 März 22-24
APS [75th Annual Scientific Meeting of the APS]:
     Sevilla, 2017 March 15-18
Conferinta Nationala de Medicina Psihosomatica:
Brasov, Romania 2016 November, 18-19
EAPM [4th European Association Of Psychosomatic Medicine] Annual Meeting:
 Lulea, 2016, June 16-18
Symposium on teaching and e-learning
Symposium on teaching (Discussion)
EAPM [3th European Association Of Psychosomatic Medicine] Annual Meeting:
 Nuremberg, 2015, July 1-4
DKPM Kongress: Heidelberg, 2013 März, 6. bis 9.
Miami, Florida [71st Annual Scientific Meeting of the APS]
     2013, March 13-16
Cambridge, UK [European Association Of Psychosomatic Medicine]
     Annual Meeting:  2013, July 3-6
Lisbon, Portugal [22th WCPM] 2013 September 12-14
Stockholm [Women, Stress & Health] 2012, March 9th
München [DKPM Kongress] 2012, March 28-31
Flyer / Call for abstracts
Athens [70th Annual Scientific Meeting of the APS] 2012, March 14-17


Aarhus, Denmark [29th ECPR] 2012, June 27-30
1st Announcement (flyer) / Call for abstracts
Tilburg, Netherlands [TNEEHD] 2011 October 23-25
Announcement (flyer)
Seoul, Korea [21st WCPM] 2011, August 25-28 
Budapest, Hungary [XIV EACLPP] 2011 June 30- July 2
ENPM Proceedings
Announcement (flyer)
Essen [DKPM Kongress] 2011, March 23-26
Announcement (flyer)
Warsaw 2011, January 21-23
ENPM Proceedings
Announcement (invitation)
Innsbruck [28th ECPR] 2010, June 30 - July 3
ENPM Proceedings
Announcement (flyer)
Berlin [DKPM / DGPM Deutscher Kongress] 2010, März 17-20
Torino [20th WCPM] 2009 September 23-26
Warsaw 2009, June 5-7
Mainz [60th DKPM AC] 2009, March 18-21
Program (flyer)
Oslo [International Conference on Communication in Healthcare]  
     2008, September 2-5

Zaragoza [27th ECPR] 2008, June 25-28
ENPM Proceedings
Freiburg [59th DKPM AC] 2008, March 12-15
ENPM Action
Tutzing [Mechanisms of Placebo/Nocebo Responses]
     2007, November 28-30

Tilburg [4th IC NEEHD] 2007, October 22-24
ENPM Proceedings
Québec [19th WCPM] 2007 August 26-3
ENPM Proceedings
      The concept of Psychosomatic Care in Germany:
a Model for Other Countries? [Dr. med. Herbert Menzel]
Nuremberg [58th DKPM AC] 2007, March 21-24
Cluj 2007, June 6
ENPM Proceedings
Warsaw 2007, January
Dubrovnik [26th ECPR] 2006, September 27-30
ENPM Proceedings
Berlin 2005, July 8-9
ENPM Proceedings
Berlin [25th ECPR] 2004, June 23-26
ENPM Proceedings