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European Federation of Psychosomatic Medicine

The European Network on Psychosomatic Medicine (ENPM), which was founded in 2006 as formal scientific initiative after the Berlin ECPR meeting, during the last ECPR/EACLPP meeting in Innsbruck (June 2010),  decided to evolve into an “European Federation of Psychosomatic Medicine”. G.Schüssler (Austria) was appointed president, M. Beresnavaite (Lithuania) and Ramiro Verissimo (Portugal) as Vice-presidents and Bohdan Wasilewski (Poland) as Treasurer.

ENPM: merge between ECPR and EACLPP

In a meeting in Nuremberg (November 2010) with Albert Leentjes (former president of EACLPP) and Wolfgang Söllner (present president of EACLPP), it was put forward the possibility to joint the 57 year old history of ECPR meetings with the EACLPP under common goals. Later on, during the meeting held in Warszawa (January 2011) -- having in mind the EFPM as an umbrella organization for all European scientists, clinicians and societies interested Psychosomatic Medicine -- it was further debated this possible merge with EACLPP; which received extensive support.

The debate is open and we expect you all to forward (rave@netcabo.pt) all your thoughts and contributions on this matter during the next 6 months. After which we must come to a conclusion to be worked out in detail during the Munich meeting (March 2012), so as it can be brought to a final conclusion at the Arhus (Denmark) meeting to be held in June 2012.

ENPM: Hans-Christian Deter (2011/08/06)
                     report and introduction to the debate
                 (after four ENPM-EACLPP meetings in 2010/11)              

Notes, information exchange and other contributions on these issues will henceforward be posted here:       

EACLPP - Board Report (2011/04/15)
ENPM - Letter from Latvia (2011/06/20)
ENPM - Email from Bohdan Wasilewski (2011/06/29)

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INTACT Network

Co-ordinator: Hans Kordy (Heidelberg, Germany)
     [Marie Curie Actions]

The Research Training Network INTACT is a multi-disciplinary network of 9 partners from 8 European countries which aims to improve health care for women with eating disorders. Further info

Prevalence and long term sequelae of childhood adversities

Co-ordinator: Jochen Hardt (Mainz, Germany)